Cargo bike rental in Paris: our tailor-made solution

Famille visitant paris en vélo cargo

A new trend has recently emerged among both Parisians and visitors to the City of Light: the cargo bike. Highly visible on the streets of the capital, the cargo bike boasts numerous advantages and is becoming the ideal companion for touring Paris or for occasional trips.

OneBike is an electric cargo bike rental service located in the heart of Paris, and in this article, we’ll explain why it’s the ideal rental solution for you!

Cargo bike rental for a family visit to Paris

Why Rent a Cargo Bike in Paris?

Simplified City Navigation

Navigating a densely populated city like Paris can be quite a challenge. A cargo bike allows you to avoid traffic jams and find parking spots much more easily. This mode of transport offers unmatched flexibility: weave through traffic and access areas restricted to cars, enabling you to ride with peace of mind!

A Family-Friendly Ally in Paris

Whether you are a Parisian or a visitor, the cargo bike has become the best friend for family trips. Forget car rentals and take your children everywhere with you on one of our cargo bikes.

Equipped with additional comfortable and secure seats, they allow parents to enjoy every outing without stress while offering children a fun experience. The cargo bike will revolutionize your family stay in Paris by providing autonomy and flexibility!

Transport Bulky Items

Transporting bulky items has never been easier with a longtail cargo bike. Whether it’s for carrying groceries, large packages, or a small piece of furniture, the cargo bike’s load capacity allows you to transport everything you need.

Daily rental can be an ideal solution if you need to move large loads. No more need to rent a car or take a taxi: renting a cargo bike gives you autonomy in all your movements!

Paris: A Cyclable City

Cargo bikes are perfect for urban travel, provided the city is equipped for it. Paris has made significant progress by installing over 1000 km of safe bike lanes throughout the city.

You can easily enjoy a ride in the capital without worrying about bike accessibility. Moreover, these bike lanes cross iconic neighborhoods and major tourist sites, offering a unique and pleasant way to discover Paris!

Stay Completely Autonomous

For visitors, renting a cargo bike is a fantastic option to explore the City of Light independently.

No need to follow public transport schedules or walk for hours: a cargo bike allows you to visit iconic monuments, stroll through historic neighborhoods, and discover hidden spots at your own pace!

Longtail Cargo Bike Rental for Transporting Bulky Items

OneBike: Tailor-Made Cargo Bike Rental

At OneBike, we offer premium longtail cargo bike rentals at prices accessible to everyone. Understanding that each customer is unique, we provide a custom-tailored service to meet all your needs.

Whether you want an electric bike for a family outing, a cargo bike for transporting your belongings, or simply want to rent an electric bike for several days to tour the capital, OneBike has what you need!

OneBike Electric Cargo Bikes

Our longtail cargo bikes come with electric assistance to help you travel with ease.

Whether you want to travel with your children or transport bulky items, the power of our electric motors makes every journey easier than with a conventional bike.

Manufactured in France at our workshops near Nantes, OneBike cargo bikes ensure reliable and durable components. You can ride safely and enjoy absolute comfort, allowing you to stay in the saddle for hours without discomfort!

Need to cover longer distances? Our high-performance batteries can go up to 60 km, so you can easily rent our bikes for the day without needing to recharge even once!

Our Rental Packages

Need a cargo bike for a day? For a weekend? Or for a week?

Our rental packages adapt to your needs, allowing you to rent your cargo bike for the duration you want!

With us, there are no hidden fees! Each rental package includes comprehensive insurance, a basket for transporting your belongings, and a reliable lock so you can park wherever you want safely!

A Tailor-Made Service

Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service during your rental experience with OneBike. We are available to help you choose the cargo bike that best suits your needs and provide you with tips on the best routes to take in Paris.

If you have specific needs related to your cargo bike rental or any questions, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution that suits your situation!

Ready to explore the streets of Paris on our longtail cargo bikes? Book your next adventure now!