Discover the must-see attractions of Paris by electric bike.

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Are you planning a short stay in Paris and wondering how you’ll manage to see all the sights in just one day? Our guided tour of Paris’s must-see attractions is designed just for you!

On our high-end electric bikes and accompanied by a passionate and engaging guide, discover the essential sights of the capital in just a few hours.

Eiffel Tower during a guided tour in Paris

The One Bike Tour: The Must-See Monuments

Our tour has been meticulously designed to ensure you don’t miss any of Paris’s iconic monuments during your visit. At OneBike, we are committed to delivering unique and memorable experiences, making sure you leave our tour with stars in your eyes!

The itinerary of this tour will take you to admire the most iconic places in Paris, and you will also have the chance to pedal through historic and lively neighborhoods, all from the comfort of our French-made bikes, designed for you to enjoy your excursion to the fullest.

View of Notre-Dame during a bike tour of Paris

First Stops: City Hall and Notre-Dame

You begin your adventure in the heart of Paris by admiring the grandeur of City Hall, then head to the parvis of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can savor its magnificence and have fun spotting its many gargoyles, symbolically installed on either side of the cathedral to protect it from demons and other forces of evil!

From Matignon to the Eiffel Tower

Take the famous Rue de Varenne and discover Matignon, the residence of the French Prime Minister. Then head to the National Assembly, an iconic place in Paris. Your guide will then accompany you to the Eiffel Tower where you can admire its grandeur and architectural beauty. Did you know that it was the tallest tower in the world at the time of its construction?

The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées

Arriving at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe. From there, you can enjoy a break to admire the splendor of this monument and you will see the most feared roundabout by Parisians! You will quickly understand why during your visit 😉

Get back in the saddle on the most beautiful avenue in the world and ride down the Champs-Élysées to Place de la Concorde: it is the largest square in Paris!

Head to the lively Marais district

Next, change the atmosphere and discover the street art works as you pass through the Tuileries tunnel and why not have a coffee along the quays like true Parisians?

Head to the trendiest district in the capital, the Marais. From picturesque streets to buildings with typical Parisian architecture, you will love strolling through this bohemian neighborhood.

At the corner of one of these beautiful buildings, you will have the opportunity to visit the peaceful and family-friendly Place des Vosges. Known for having housed many personalities such as the famous Victor Hugo, whose house is now open to the public.

Centre Pompidou, guided bike tour circuit in Paris

Return via the Centre Pompidou

On your way back, the Centre Pompidou will certainly catch your attention! With its vibrant colors and giant pipe-like shapes, the Centre Pompidou, also known as Beaubourg, exhibits numerous collections of contemporary art. It is even said that the famous painter Salvador Dali, who exhibited there several times, was the only artist to have demanded a nighttime opening during his stay!

A comprehensive and accessible visit for everyone

Forget about spending hours planning the perfect itinerary to visit Paris, our team does it for you! Thanks to our guides, the City of Lights will have no secrets for you anymore. At One Bike, we offer you a turnkey visit.

Opting for a guided tour of Paris’s must-see attractions by electric bike is more than just a simple tourist getaway. It’s an immersive and enriching experience that allows you to discover the City of Light from a new angle, both practical and fun.

Thanks to the comfort of our electric bikes and the guidance of a guide, you’ll save precious time while enjoying a gentle outdoor activity. What more could you ask for?

The OnBike circuit is meticulously planned to leave nothing to chance. It will offer you a comprehensive visit to the most iconic monuments of Paris, passing through historic and picturesque neighborhoods. Each stop is an encounter with the history and culture of our capital, guaranteeing you a timeless moment.

Get on your bike and let yourself be guided!

Why visit Paris by bike?

The first question that surely comes to mind is: “Why visit Paris by bike rather than on foot or by public transport?” This question is entirely legitimate, but we will explain why opting for a guided electric bike tour is the best solution if you are in Paris for a short time.

  • Save precious time: With a guided tour and the autonomy offered by the bike, you will be able to visit all the iconic places in the capital in just half a day and without stress. Forget about crowded public transport and long walks, and enjoy a bike excursion in complete serenity.
  • Learn the secrets of the City of Light from a qualified guide. Our guides are meticulously selected to make your visit exciting. They will share their passion for the historically significant monuments of our beautiful capital with you through unique comments and anecdotes!
  • Engage in gentle physical activity with our electric bikes. During your visit, you will have the chance to exercise without getting tired on comfortable and easy-to-use bikes. The comfort of the electric bike will allow you to move around and cover several kilometers without breaking a sweat!
  • Experience something unique. By opting for a guided electric bike tour during your stay in Paris, you are choosing to experience a timeless moment and explore the city like you’ve never seen it before.