Touring Paris by Bike: Our Guide for a Day Off the Beaten Path

jolie vue au bord de la seine, une femme et un homme sont assis côte à côte au bord de l'eau, avec leurs vélos de location posés derrière eux

Have you already visited the must-see landmarks of the capital like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe and now want to discover places off the beaten path? Then you’re in the right place!

Paris is full of spots just waiting to be explored, and here is our day guide to help you discover the City of Lights like you’ve never seen it before.

Whether these are places you’ve already explored or lesser-known spots to visitors, we are sure that with this guide you will see the capital in a new light!

For your visit, think electric!

What better way to tour our beautiful French capital than on an electric bike ride? Strolling through a big city like Paris can be tiring, which is why we recommend opting for an electric bike during your visit.

This way, you can enjoy the beauty of the capital at your own pace, without exhausting yourself and avoiding public transport, which can sometimes be stuffy and crowded.

Besides gaining comfort, you will also save time, and a bike ride will allow you to stumble upon charming little Parisian streets that you wouldn’t have had the chance to see if you were using public transport.

Bikes on a street in Paris

Start Your Journey in the Heart of Paris

Head over to OneBike, where you can rent high-quality, comfortable electric bikes. Renting an electric bike is an ideal solution as it offers great flexibility and increased safety: day or weekend rental packages are available, including insurance, a lock, and even a basket!

Thanks to the comfort of OneBike’s electric bikes, you can leisurely ride through the streets of the capital all day without worrying about the battery: it has a range of at least 50 km! Moreover, Paris is very bike-friendly: numerous bike lanes have been set up, allowing both Parisians and visitors to travel safely.

Stroll Through the Historic Marais District

Hop on your bike and pedal to the must-see Marais district, formerly the Jewish quarter of Paris. This area is full of small shops and historic streets to explore.

With the lock included in your bike rental, park at one of the many racks located on the streets of the district and enjoy Paris’s trendiest shopping area.

If you’re not in the mood for window shopping, you can visit the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and admire one of their exhibitions featuring internationally renowned artists. The MEP offers various photo exhibitions, workshops for the young ones, and houses a magnificent library worth a visit.

Whether you’re a shopping enthusiast or an art and history lover, the village-like charm of the Marais district is sure to please everyone!

A family on electric bikes taking a break in a park in Paris

Picnic on the Canal Saint-Martin

Once you’re done with your shopping, hop back on your bike and head towards the beautiful and famous Place des Vosges. It’s one of the oldest squares in Paris, and it has been home to many notable figures such as the famous writer Victor Hugo and Madame de Sévigné.

Next, make your way a few streets over to the Frappe bakery and choose from several options of delicious sandwiches and pastries to take with you as you continue your journey along the Canal Saint-Martin.

Park your bike and settle under the shade of a tree along the canal to enjoy your tasty picnic in one of the favorite spots of Parisians.

An Afternoon of Culture in the 9th Arrondissement

Next, head to the iconic 9th arrondissement. Take advantage of the numerous bike lanes to enjoy the view of the magnificent Haussmannian boulevards and make your way to one of the coziest museums in Paris: the Musée de la Vie Romantique (Museum of Romantic Life).

Located in the neighborhood of Nouvelle Athènes, discover a collection of artworks evoking the romantic era in the former home of the Dutch-born painter Ary Scheffer. And the icing on the cake: the permanent collection is free!

After your visit, settle comfortably in the small tea room located in the museum’s intimate and flowery garden to enjoy a well-deserved snack break and sip a cup of tea away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. This calm and rejuvenating place will make you experience a timeless moment, that’s a promise!

A young girl riding a bike through the streets of Paris

Return to OneBike via the Most Beautiful Streets of Paris

Refreshed and rested from your break in the charming garden of the Musée de la Vie Romantique, you are now ready to hop back on your bike and head towards the center of Paris, passing through some of the capital’s most iconic streets.

On your way back, you can pass by the must-see Place Saint Georges, then head towards the Palais Garnier. There, you can admire the beauty of this magnificent monument and continue your journey through Rue Beaubourg and the Centre Pompidou: a symbol of 1970s architecture.

Finally, make your way to Avenue Victoria to return your bike to OneBike and end this day beautifully with a stroll along the banks of the Seine.

Renting an electric bike will allow you to visit the must-see sights while avoiding the traditional circuits and will offer you the freedom to wander through Paris at your own pace. Thanks to this itinerary, you can (re)discover some of the capital’s iconic neighborhoods while being surprised by some of its more secret gems.

Ready to explore Paris like you’ve never seen it before? Then see you soon at OneBike!