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Paris— the City of Lights— is ready to host the Olympics 2024, and the first torch for this grand athletic festival will be lit on 16th April 2024. Want to roam around the streets and soak in the beauty of picturesque avenues during the Olympic 2024? Get your ride from One Bike— a premium service for bike rental in the Olympic Games Paris. Not only do we offer a seamless way to navigate through the busy streets during this grand event, but our electric bike rental in Paris Olympic will cost nothing when exploring the iconic cityscape. 

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One Bike | Premium Bike Rental in Olympic 2024

The Olympics is a grand athletic event with 32 sports and around 10,500 athletes participating. During the 2024 Olympic games, especially in the City of Lights, you might see a rush of pedestrians and vehicles. The streets around the venue, i.e., Stade de France, can receive a high level of congestion due to athletes and spectators making their way. 

Public transport such as buses and trains may also receive a higher footfall. In all such hustle and bustle, finding an easy commute to roam around the streets and explore the Olympic venue from all sides is a must. 

One Bike— with its French-made premium range of bicycles— offers Olympic bike rental in Paris. Whether you want to enjoy the Parisian life adventure on two wheels or get the premium feel of Olympic 2024, our electric bike rental in Paris Olympics is the right choice. 

Book your electric bike rental for the Paris Olympics and explore the city during rush hour with convenience.

Reasons to Get an Olympic Bike Rental in Paris

You want to go places during your visit to Paris, especially during the Olympic season. The question is: what can be an easy commute? For many reasons, getting an electric bike during the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris seems the right choice. 

  • Designate Bike Spaces 

Avoid the chaos and get an E-bike rental in Paris! The government has made it easy for the spectators to get to the venues and enjoy the scenic event by offering designated bike spaces. The swimming and hockey sport hosting venues, i.e., Hauts-de-Seine and Yves-du-Manoir Stadium, have around 1400 bike spaces designated for the Olympic rush. The State De France will be accommodating 10,000 bicycles during the Olympic events. Considering the 100% bike accessibility, e-bike rental seems to be the right choice. 

  • Avoid Rush Hours

Peak times, pre- and post-Olympic game events, are considered the rush hours, especially around the Stade de France venue. Even famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower can have increased footfall due to plenty of tourists visiting Paris during the Olympic season. In all these situations, renting an e-bike can save the day. 

  • Roam Around Tourist Areas 

Famous tourist sites such as the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Loire Valley, or Seine Cruise might also receive a large crowd during the Olympics 2024. To avoid congestion and commute easily, get a rental bike in Paris. 

Why Choose One Bike Rental in Olympic 2024?

One Bike offers a premium collection of French-made electric bikes for your next visit, especially during the Olympic season, to enhance the commuting experience. The stylish and affordable e-bikes will help you easily navigate the Olympic venues. 

Ready to enjoy the Olympic 2024 in Paris? Here’s why you should choose One Bike for your next Olympic bike rental in Paris:

Accessible Pickup

One Bike cares for your accessibility and ease! Get your e-bike rental in the heart of Paris at the Hôtel de Ville— just 23 km from the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. You can get the electric bikes right before the Paris City Hall at the right time after making an online reservation— with no questions! 

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Easy Navigation to the Olympics 

One Bike pickup point is at the prime location in the city center. Rent an e-bike from Hôtel de Ville and cover the 8.5 KM distance to the main Olympic venue, i.e., Stade de France, in no time. Whether it’s the rush hour or peak traffic time, our E-bikes will get you to the venue easily. 

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Quality Electric Bikes

At One Bike, we don’t compromise on customers’ safety! French-made electric bicycles from the Shiftbikes are loaded with top-notch features and premium quality material, offering road safety and convenience. 

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Pricing Plan at One Bike 

One Bike is all about cheap and affordable rides in the middle of traffic congestion for easy navigation. No need to pay high rentals when One Bike is here for you in the heart of Paris! Get a bike rental for the Olympic Games in Paris at a starting price of €40.

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Get a Bike Rental in Olympic 2024 from One Bike 

Ready to enjoy the Paris Olympics 2024? Get an electric bike rental for the Paris Olympics and conveniently navigate the crowded streets and venues. Soak in the city’s sights and sounds during the grand athletic event by roaming around on the premium quality electric bike from One Bike. 

Unleash the adventure of the Paris Olympics in style! Book your E-bike rental in Paris at the minimum rates!You can always contact us via phone, email, or physical address with any queries about the e-bike rental.