Where to Rent a Bike in Paris? | A 2024 Guide for Bike Rental in Paris

Vélo à Paris


Paris— the city of lights and love— has an unparalleled beauty that summons exploration from the tourists and visitors. From roaming around the Louvre Museum to exploring the charm of the Eiffel Tower, there is no other way to commute as convenient as riding a bike. However, the question is: where to rent a bike in Paris?

With numerous bike rental companies diversified around the city, renting a bicycle in Paris is no longer difficult. You can get hundreds of choices for bike rental in Paris within a few kilometers from the airport to explore the scenic riverbanks and the city’s historical avenues. 

This guide will shed some light on the top Paris bike rental choices and their unique selling points or advantages. Let’s delve into details without further ado! 

Where to Rent a Bike in Paris? | Top Bike Rental Companies

Choosing the right bike rental company in Paris depends on multiple factors, such as the availability of bikes, budget requirements, additional accessories, and more. We have compiled a list of the top 3 Paris bike rental companies to help you explore the French capital in comfort and style. Let’s get started with the details.

  1. OneBike | Premium Electric Bikes in Paris

OneBike stands out from the rest in the premium rental bikes category, providing a blend of quality, excellence, and convenience. With a fleet of French-made bicycles from Shiftbikes, OneBike is ready to help you explore the city with greater comfort. Whether you’re on a Parisian adventure for a day or the whole weekend, OneBike will charge you the bare minimum, making it a cheap yet premium option for bike lovers. 

Key Features

  • Quality E-Bikes— OneBike does not compromise the quality of its electric bikes. Exclusive from the Shiftbikes, these French-made e-bikes can offer a 50 Km range per charge, soft-pedaling, comfortable seats, and easy navigation.
  • Prime Location— Renting a bike from OneBike offers convenience in terms of pickup and drop-off. They’re located in Hôtel de Ville 75004, just 23 km from the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. 
  • Safety Guaranteed— Safety is the priority for every tourist! All the electric bikes at OneBike go under periodic maintenance checkups to ensure safety standards. Moreover, the company offers a safety helmet for each bike, costing €5. 
  • Affordable Plans— No need to pay in hundreds now when you can get the 1-day plan for only €40 and the 2-day plan for €75. Considering the quality of e-bikes, prime pickup location, and friendly staff, the price is definitely lower. 
  • Easy Booking— The booking process through OneBike rental is a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is to book your ride by entering the start/end date and time, choose the right bike, and reach at the pickup location on the booking day. 
  1. Paris à Vélo | Bicycles for All Ages

Paris à Vélo has been providing top-notch services for bike rentals in Paris since 1993 and hence can be regarded as the pioneer of cycling tourism in the French capital. Whether you’re an individual who loves exploring sites while pedaling or having your family alongside, Paris à Vélo offers the best packages for everyone. 

The bicycles at Paris à Vélo are comfy and lightweight with a range of options such as 8-speed levels, 36V battery, and rugged body type. Moreover, the company offers around 150 bicycle options, making it a versatile choice for every age group. 

Key Features

Comfort and Convenience— The inventory at Paris à Vélo is loaded with multiple options for quality bikes, offering both comfort and convenience. 

Multiple Bike Options— You can rent the City Bikes for average adults with a max weight capacity of 120 kg or an E-Bike with a powerful 36V battery to roam around the cobblestone streets of Paris. A touring bike with its luggage rack and 16-speed levels would work best for tourists. 

Caters Families and Groups— Paris à Vélo thinks about everyone! Individuals, families, and groups can now enjoy pedaling around the Eiffel Tower on a Tandem Adult-Child bike suitable for kids aged 6-10 years or a Tandem Adult bike for couples.  

Cheap Options— The pricing starts from €20 for the city bikes and can go up to €39 for MTB and tour bikes and €42 for E-bikes per day. The best part is that you can get an extra day for a lower per-day cost. 

Longtail/Saddle Bikes— At Paris à Vélo, you can get cargo longtail bikes with an extended rack. You can utilize the rack for a passenger or luggage. 

  1. Vélib’ Métropole | Unlimited Bicycles Options 

Launched in 2007, Vélib’ Métropole is a bicycle rental company offering around 19000 options to choose from! Not only this, but you can find 1464 docking points only in Paris, making it easier for you to rent and explore. The company recorded 4.7 million users in 2022 who have enjoyed the rides from Vélib’ Métropole. 

Key Features

Giant Fleet Size— Vélib’ Métropole server users with versatile options. Choose from over 19000 bicycles and find a ride even during peak hours. 

Extended Network— There is no way that you cannot find a Vélib’ Métropole while living in Paris. The company has more than 1400 docking stations to pick up or drop off the rented bikes. 

Flexible Pricing— You can get a pass based on usage time. You can rent a bike for €0 subscription charges and pay per minute (€1 per 30 minutes). The subscription plans start from €3.1 for 4 monthly trips (30 minutes each) and €9.3 for 60 minutes on a classic bike and 45 minutes on an e-bike monthly. 


Renting a bicycle in Paris is no longer a hassle, as the French capital has multiple options! You can choose a suitable Bike rental company to explore the city’s iconic landmarks while avoiding traffic and congestion. So, are you still confused about where to rent a bike in Paris? We recommend trying our top pick, i.e., OneBike, for a seamless ride experience, premium quality bikes, and affordable plans.